The Philadelphia Academy
for Make-Up 
Special Effects
Phone # 610-716-8166
Welcome to Fall / Winter 2017 Schedule

The Philadelphia Academy for Make-Up and Special Eff
is the first
makeup school in the
Philadelphia Region to teach its students how to apply make-up and create special effects. The school's teaching is based on the 'Atelier Method'. The Atelier Method is a technique of fine art instruction modeled after the private art studio schools of 15th-19th century Europe. Taking its name from the French word for "artist's studio," the Atelier Method is a form of private instruction in which an artist, usually a professional painter, works closely with a small number of students to progressively train them. Atelier
Schools can be found around the world, particularly in North America and Western Europe.

The methods used by Atelier Instructors may vary greatly from one studio to another; however, artists using the Atelier approach tend to be united in their desire to reintroduce classical methods and techniques.  

All make-up classes are taught by highly skilled, trained and certified make-up artists.  Supplies and materials are supplied for use in all classes.  Make-up and brushes can be purchased upon request. 
One-on-one make-up instruction is available upon request for image enhancement, camouflage, or glamour. As a makeup school we also provide on site training in makeup application.