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~The First Make-Up School in the Philadelphia Region~
"Carolyn's knowledge base of makeup both with respect to application and presentation is superb!  I really enjoyed the small group size  -- allows for more one-on-one interaction from Carolyn as well as other students.   Looking forward to future classes."
- Dianne

I met Carolyn through her makeup course that I found online and I was instantly drawn to her. She had such a hands on, attentive approach to teaching and she took a genuine personal interest in each and every student which is very hard to find in any type of instructor. Since then, she has opened herself to helping me progress into different levels of transitioning me into a career as a  makeup artist and more recently helped me with understanding photography and the important role in plays in being a makeup artist. With photography she has shown me how to think and create work from the perspective of both an artist and a photographer in order to better my craft. In a short period of time Carolyn has encouraged me to open myself up and tap into skills as a makeup artist I never knew I had.  I am so thankful to have found her!

-Maya Bryant-2014

"I found this class so interesting! I think that every woman should take this course before they are even allowed to put make up on their face!!"
- Renee A., Philadelphia, PA

"Wow!! Carolyn, YOU ROCK!! and I must tell you that last week when doing my make-up for an event that I was attending,  the true artist in your soul  came ALIVE with your creativity. You become so focused on the canvas in front of you. Wow you rock!!! Looking forward to another GREAT make up session tomorrow."
- Love from a very good friend.

"Carolyn did my makeup this past summer for a wedding I was in. All of the bridesmaids and the bride looked so fabulous!! I've gone to Carolyn in the past for eyebrows, etc - and no one is better!! I am very meticulous about how my makeup looks, I am a singer and an artist as well, and anytime I have let anyone else do my makeup in the past, I usually end up washing it all off and doing it myself. But absolutely not this time!! I can honestly tell you that Carolyn is a true professional and is such a talented, wonderful artist - you will NOT be disappointed!!! She is truly the BEST!!!"
- Kristen Murray

Dear Carolyn
Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I feel so much more comfortable with make-up application since I have taken your class's and you have truly made make-up into something fun and exciting. I look forward to coming back to the Philadelphia Academy for Make Up and Special Effects to continue mastering my make-up skills.
- With Love, Jackie Muchnick

I know first hand how women always strive to look their best. I have worked with many professionals over the years as an oculo-facial plastic surgeon. However, one stands out from the pack. Carolyn Withers-Diamond is a brilliant innovator, a creative make up artist and a professional colleague who I have worked with for over 5 years. She is a true inspiration, on both a professional and personal level. As a medical aesthetician, she has a keen understands of facial anatomy, facial complexion and the intricacies of facial harmony and balance. She spends her days promoting the health and well being of clients through skin care and makeup. Yet she does so much more! She has capitalized on her family background, artistic skills, and entrepreneurial spirit to create to push the frontier of beauty, keeping women youthful and sexy. There is no better esthetician I know!
Scott M. Goldstein, MD FASOPRS

Carolyn is an artist. Her make-up techniques involve studying your facial features, finding the correct colors and contrasts and products that magically transform your face into a masterpiece. I felt wonderful after she gave me a make-up make-over, as if I became a member of the "Beautiful Women Club", too!
— Donna Sadwin

Dear Carolyn,
I wanted to sincerely thank you for the excellent services that you have provided me time and time again. I am constantly complimented on my fabulous brows, thanks to your great work. Whenever I come for an appointment, you always make me feel welcome. Our sessions never seem rushed, and I always feel as though you never give anything less then 100%. Your professionalism, which at the same time is warm and inviting, makes coming to see you a great and comfortable experience. I will continue to recommend you to all of my friends. You are certainly one of a kind!
Thank you so much again,
— Maria Staples

 Carolyn Diamond, you are the best! I have been a client of yours for years, and have recently taken on your make up expertise as well as your amazing photography. The photo session we had with my baby girl and I was simply wonderful! I felt so comfortable and I had so much fun! The photos were FABULOUS…better than any other photos I’ve had done of my children. The lighting, the softness…. breath-taking. You are very talented in all that you do and your love for your work is very evident! Every experience I’ve had with you has been professional and fun! Thank you for giving me such beautiful pictures. I’ll cherish them forever! Let’s not forget how awesome my brows always look…perfection!
— Susan Johnson

Wow, Carolyn, when I asked you for a professional look and photograph for my website, you delivered! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have someone actually listen to what I want and then present it with timely and expert style. It was not just the remarkable makeover, and the flattering photographs, but the fun we had during the entire process.
By providing quality and service you have created the most valuable business tool. trust. I enthusiastically refer you to any woman who is looking for a "partner" to bring out her true beauty & essence and capture it on film! Thank you.
— Amy Ragsdale, owner Amy Ragsdale Jewelry

I was referred to Carolyn in January 2010 for eyebrow waxing. She was very honest with me and said to let them grow for a few more months as they were too thin. After I came back, she shaped my brows and offered me advice on skincare. I slowly started to buy her skincare products, Glominerals makeup and have the MicroDermabrasian treatments. A year later, my skin looks younger and has never looked so good. My eyebrows are shaped so nice that I don't need to get them waxed all the time anymore. I would highly recommend Carolyn Diamond as she is not only knowledgeable, but very sincere in what she does.

Lori McIlvaine
Lafayette Hill, PA.

Carolyn is a great artist! I know from experience and her portfolio speaks for itself. Anything you need, she can do. Wedding makeup, extreme looks for Halloween or other occasions, day/night looks. She really is quite diverse in what she can accomplish. I wish I had more events and special occasions just so I could have her do my makeup more. She's by far the best!

Ashley S.

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for such an invigorating class on Saturday. Your energy is
contagious. I learned so much in 8 hours, my pen went dry. Your class was the
perfect ' foot back in the door' ...and fit the bill perfectly. I will be
signing up for another workshop soon, and will call so you can take over my
Thank you again for sharing your wisdom, passion and
experience with me. I would LOVE to tag along with you on a job and watch you
in action, and perhaps one day I can be an addition to your team on site for any
event or project.

Stacey Francis